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Nancy Domnauer

Nancy Domnauer

Morgan Hill,California
United States of America

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Discovering Zentangle has been an amazing experience for me!

In July 2013 I took an introduction class and was immediately hooked!  Between the simplicity of the art form, the relaxation that I experienced and the philosophy that resonated with me, I knew I found something special.  

Since I'm a teacher, I knew I could share this with others. Within a few days I was teaching my friends and family and within a few weeks I taught my first class!

Since that time I've taught the Introduction to Zentangle class to over 750 people - from adults to children, teens and seniors.  I formed a Tangle Club in my hometown of Morgan Hill, California and helped organize a Zentangle art installation in our downtown.  Zentangle appeals to a wide variety of people which is so intriguing.  I've also taught an array of Zentangle Beyond Basics and Zentangle Inspired Art classes to students around the world via my live, online video conferencing classes.

I approach Zentangle as a practice which means I like to draw almost every day and I use the philosophy in my life. I read books and magazines, visit websites, follow blogs, experiment with my drawings and discuss Zentangle with fellow tanglers and CZT colleagues.  These routines help me continue to develop and grow as a teacher and artist.  I especially enjoy tinkering in my art room and applying Zentangle to making art and crafts.  I love sharing my discoveries with my students in my Zentangle classes and with artists in our Morgan Hill Tangle Club meetings.

Attending the Certified Zentangle Seminar in Rhode Island in April 2015 was an incredible experience.  Learning from the founders of Zentangle was inspiring.  Then in November 2016 I participated in ZenAgain, a reunion and seminar for CZTs. This seminar was truly remarkable.  Developing and gaining insight from the founders of Zentangle while surrounded with creative, artistic and talented CZTs affirmed my passion for teaching Zentangle.  And in the fall of 2017, I attended a Beyond Basics program at 1440 Multiversity in California with the founders of Zentangle.  In the spring 2018, I travelled to Portland, Oregon to attend Tangle U, a CZT only continuing education conference.  Learning from inspiring CZTs and meeting colleagues made for a memorable experience. 

 In the autumn of 2018, I participated in ZenAgain, the second ever reunion for Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Imagine attending an event with like-minded Zentangle teachers and artists while being hosted and taught by Zentangle founders. That’s ZenAgain! The ZenAgain 2018 conference was held in scenic Rhode Island and it was an incredible experience.  Meeting with new and continuing CZT friends and colleagues, learning from the founders and experiencing a week of New England life, was so special.  Realizing the significance of the art form and special community was one of the highlights. I’m grateful to be part of this group of CZTs.

 In February 2019, I began teaching Zentangle classes via online video conferencing to CZTs and Zentangle artists from around the world.   Using technology to connect, share and learn together is a nice complement to classroom teaching. 

In March 2019, I co-hosted the inaugural Peaceful Tangles Retreat in California along with two CZT colleagues.  We welcomed 25 Zentangle enthusiasts and CZTs to a day of creating Zentangle art in community.  It was a rewarding experience and the start of a new venture in hosting retreats for tanglers.  

In October 2019, I travelled to Cork, Ireland for the gathering of European Zentangle teachers.  I reunited with dear colleagues and met many CZT colleagues who are now new friends.   I was honored to be invited to participate in this event and to teach my Bijou Meets Opus class to the European CZTs.  With the stunning setting of green rolling hills, the 'Tangling on the Wild Atlantic Way' retreat was a top-notch program with dedicated teachers and inspiring, creative tangling projects.  Being in community with like-minded Zentangle teachers in this idyllic setting was an experience I will cherish.

In March 2020, I co-hosted the second annual Peaceful Tangles Retreat in Morgan Hill, California.  Our 42 attendees were treated to 2-days of tangling in community.  Participants enjoyed traditional tangling as well as Zentangle Inspired Art projects taught by four Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Creating art is community is a special experience.

I continue to teach students via my online classes and I look forward, very much, to the day when we can meet in person.

I'm pleased to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher and I look forward to sharing this art form with you.  Please contact me to schedule a class.  In the meantime, enjoy!  

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