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Virginie Bergar

Virginie Bergar

i am a creativ person since a lot of years (beads, polymer clay, painting, ...)  but i discovered Zentangle in 2016 as i came as an expat to live in India. It was a way to keep myself creativ as all my creativ stuff was in the sea shipment for a few weeks, it was easy to tangle with a very few supply. I was pleased with the small aera to play with and the lot of tangles avaliable online.

in 2018, i dig deep into the Zentangle Method, taking a few classes by a CZT, and i am hooked since then. I never stopped learning, took a lot of different classes by different CZT from Spain, India, Croatia and US, and i decided to follow the Certification to become a CERTIFIED ZENTANGLE TEACHER (CZT) in march 2021. It was an online Seminar due to the pandemic, but the content was exactly the same

As an artist, i like the zentangle method basic with black ink on the white tile, using the renaissance, bijou and phi tile in all gthe zentangle colours avaliable (white, black, renaissance ans grey) but i love also tangling using colours. It can be the use of colour pencil, watercolour, ink... i can color after tangling, or make the background first and tangling after. i include also the zentangle Method into my art journal where i use bigger spaces to create, more room to play with the different patterns

As a Certified Zentangle Teacher i can now offer to teach the zentangle method for adults, children and corporate. Teacher by profession for primary year student, i have a good experience teaching children and i already run some adult classes in my neighborhood.

I can do classes at home, at your place or online.Feel free to contact me for avaliability.

You can see my work on Facebook , instagram and youtube