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Shivi Krishna

Shivi Krishna
F1404, Ozone Evergreens Apartments, Haralur road

Thankyou for your precious time !!

I am Shivi Krishna. I am from Bangalore, India. I have been into the pharmaceutical research and development. I have explored many art and healing forms. I am professionally a Maestro, Reiki Grandmaster and Tarot Card trainer for over 17years now. A Maestro is a person who is a conduit of possibilities, in simple words, healing and playing with energy.

I came across Zentangle a couple of years ago. As I delved into it, I found it to be so soothing, calming and beautifully relaxing. The more I explored and went deeper, it helped me explore my capacities and strengths. It took me into those rabbit holes, that were unexplored before. It's such a beautiful experience. You experience and find the "YOU" if you so choose to. 

I invite you to experience and enjoy this beautiful artform, method and begin a new journey into you. You can choose a beginners class, advanced class, speciality class [trinity, gems, any particular form, etc], fun classes to explore Phi tiles, 3Z tiles, gray tiles, black tiles, renaissance tiles, Zendalas, etc. 

I have been having many fun sessions, classes and meets with kids of all ages too. 

Thankyou for choosing something so beautiful for yourself.

Looking forward to see you in person or online, soon.

Shivi Krishna


Instagram: @myzentales