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Victoria Clarke

Victoria Clarke
Monticello, Indiana
United States of America

For 40 odd years I have believed that everyone has an innate ability to create something of beauty in some way. I was first introduced to the Zentangle Method several years ago by my daughter in law and was amazed at how much the Method and the Founding Family meshed with my own beliefs about creativity and how to view and treat others around us and worldwide.

I believe in the Zentangle Method and what it has to offer other people based on my personal experiences as an artist, survivor of domestic violence and cancer. I have an Associates Degree in Human Services and a Bachelors in Psychology and in the past, have worked with people in both the field of addiction and domestic violence.

Over the years I have been thrilled, on a personal and professional level, to watch the Zentangle Method become a positive movement for not only creative people but for those in need of being uplifted in some way. This method is one awesome vehicle for doing just that.

For several years I have wanted to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher to add an additional skill to my art business in a way that can help others enjoy art and find small breaks of peace on the same level I do.

I invite you to join me in this wonderful journey of life and creativity.