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Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy Rosenstein, MA wants to live in a world where aging is cool and thinking about possibility is fun. As a Master Certified Life Coach, midlife mentor, Certified Zentangle Teacher and entrepreneur, she’s more creative and fulfilled than ever before.

She’s been able to help hundreds of women get unstuck and get excited about their lives again through private and group coaching, as well as her popular podcast, Women In the Middle: Loving Life after 50. Listeners and clients praise her for being refreshingly upbeat in the way she coaches on the ups and downs of midlife with wisdom and humor.

Suzy loves being able to bring Zentangle to her clients and community as a way to embrace getting unstuck, have more fun and experience creative mindfulness and flow. Her clients and students appreciate the way it helps them stay in the present moment, a really important self-development and mindfulness skill!

When she’s not coaching or teaching, Suzy can be found hanging with her family, playing with her big, slobbery dog, talking to her chatty parrot, taking pictures or watching whales. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To learn more, visit her website: Email: