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Aishwarya Darbha

Aishwarya Darbha
Hinjewadi Phase 3

About the Artist:


Aishwarya Darbha has completed her Bachelor of Psychology, born in a Tamilian family, and brought up in the western region of India. She was brought up in diversified culture, languages and interests, that laid birth to adapt and learn more local art, languages, culture and interests. Her creativity was onset by many mental images as through deep observations of the various paintings, photography, sketching, temple carvings, stone carvings, ruins found in museums, palaces, and sometimes, she would find musings even in the oil-floating in the Indian gravy while cooking.


In late 2015, when she found Zentangle® Artform, it was like love-at-first-sight! Her desire to re-create the Tangle Patterns almost became an instant madness. She was so drawn to Zentangle® as a moth to the light, that no soon, her day was consumed creating beautiful Zentangle® Artworks for many long hours. The repeated Zentangle patterns would put her into “zen-mode”, and could shut-off everything that was noisy outside. Her love for creating art is deeply set on having soul connections and in service of others.


In 2018, she travelled to Rhode Island, USA, to learn from the Founders of Zentangle® Maria Thomas and Rick Robert, and become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She has been regularly conducting Zentangle Classes for both Beginners and Advanced students. In her 60+ workshops, people from all age groups have participated and enriched their lives. Since the Covid-19 period, she has generously taught peaceful Zentangle Meditative Art throughout social media, so that people around the globe, can cope up with anxiety, fear, loneliness through her drawing along with tutorials.


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  • In 2019, her artworks were exhibited at Radisson Blue, Delhi, event hosted by The Sangini Group.
  • In 2020, in an online event, she introduced Zentangle® Artform to 60+ students of SIES College, Mumbai.
  • In 2021, her artwork has been a part of a Pune Based Art Gallery, The Global Artist, initiated by ArtBeats Foundation.

Some Self Initiated Projects:

  • In May 2020, she single-handedly initiated Live Youtube Event for Global Zentanglers for 31Days of ZenJournaling, which was broadcasted on her Youtube Channel.
  • In 2021, she initiated 15Days of HeartiZen2021 from Jan31st to Feb14th, Facebook Live Sessions for Global Zentanglers.





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