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Hazel Kamath

Hazel Kamath
157, Narmada Apts, Opp. Don Bosco School, Alakananda, Delhi

Hello Everyone!

I am a digital content strategist by profession. However, I have always used art as my haven to escape the mundane and express my creativity and inner self. I am a self-taught artist and calligrapher. As a result, I am not bound by any rule and often use conventional ways to love to express my observation of nature, people, culture, and society at large. A glance at my Instagram page and you'll know what I am talking about!

Zentangle art gave a new meaning to my life and taught me to appreciate little things in life. I have been a proud Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT #32) since the fall of 2018. After being given this honor, I have been helping art enthusiasts experience the beauty of this relaxing art form.

Zentangle art has become a part of my routine. I create one tile each day with my morning coffee! It’s my way of recharging and preparing myself for whatever the day has in store for me. It’s amazing to experience little wins at the end of each creation. 

I love to experiment with inks, alcohol inks, watercolors, graphite, charcoal, and coffee and embellish my creations with Zentangle patterns. I have been exhibiting my work at art galleries. Besides, I conduct Zentangle workshops to share the skills I acquired from Rick and Maria with keen learners.

When I am not tangling, I spend time with my family (my husband and 2 adorable daughters) by engaging in finger painting, playing Jenga®, traveling, or baking. My 6-year old loves Zentangle art too and often works with me on a few tiles!


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Looking forward to connecting with you! Till then, keep calm and put your Zentangle mode on...