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Mimi Topping

Mimi Topping

Mimi Topping, LLC

Who is Mimi?

  • Artist 
  • New Jersey certified Art teacher for 23 years
  • Certified Zentangle Teacher ("CZT") since 2012

Mimi's Zentangle services include tailored workshops and E-learning presentations for the following:

  • Primary and Middle School grade classes (Mimi will customize "tile" shapes and organize presentations to fit themed classes upon request)
  • Faculty In-services / Staff Retreats / Educational Workshops
  • Business / Team-Building
  • Volunteer and Organizational Workshops / Libraries / Clubs / Hospitals
  • Private parties
  • Detailed Presentations (Mimi has presented at at Arts in Education Showcase, Drew University's Shakespeare Theatre, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools' "STEAM" conference, Liberty Science Center, Great Expectations Self-Care workshop, and Hospice Staff retreat)  

To contact Mimi Topping and Mimi Topping, LLC, please see below: