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Maryly Snow

Maryly Snow
7325 Chabot Road Oakland 94618 California United States.
United States of America

Maryly is an Oakland visual artist specializing in 2-dimensional art (mostly printmaking, and works on paper). She is an emeritus art and architecture pictorial librarian from the University of California, Berkeley. In 2012, when under tremendous pressure to complete a book manuscript on time, Maryly read about Zentangle classes, and thought they might provide an opportunity to relieve some of that pressure by making art meditatively and simply. After taking her first Zentangle class at Alameda's Frank Bette Art Center from CZT Grace Mendez, Maryly decided that yes, Zentangle was the perfect engaging, meditative, and relaxing process! Two classes later (3 in all) Maryly traveled to Providence, RI to meet Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts, and the Zentangle family to earn her CZT in 2015. Maryly teaches small groups (2-6) of people in her West Oakland studio. Why not organize a small Zentangle group as a gift for a friend? It's fun, relaxing, and inexpensive! Please visit my website to see my work and the work of my studios and their testimonials at    COME ZENTANGLE!