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Sunali Shah

Sunali Shah
45B Aashit apts, 35 Azad road, juhu koliwada,

Hello Everyone, I am a mixed media designer and have a passion for learning and sharing. I express my love of zentangle through art mediums such as fabrics,ceramics and paper. I share my knowledge of Zentangles through workshops which fuse art and yogic meditation, enabling you to explore and release your inner creative energy.

I have published three Elementary Zentangle workbooks titled " Zentangle! A Recipe for Mindfulness - The Zennergy Experience" till date, these books were initially available to students who participate in my workshops, the books are now available for Zentangle evangelists and enthusiasts on my website, and through Amazon (hard cover) and Kindle (digital). The workbooks are made of hand made, cotton waste, acid free paper by tribals in a remote Indian village under my personal guidance and supervision. The workbooks provide a structured environment for my students to easily progress from Elementary of Zentangle to Intermediate and thereafter Advanced.

Since May 2015 I have taught over 200 students from across the globe (India, Japan, Denmark..), out of which over 50 of them have successfully completed the Advanced level.

I take one on one workshops, group workshops, corporate workshops and online as well on Zoom and Google meet for all 3 levels, Beginners, Intermediate and Advance.

For further queries about my workshops you may contact me by email:  OR

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Join me to explore yourself.