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Sacil Armstrong

Sacil Armstrong

United States of America

Hello! I am an Equity Coach and Social Justice Facilitator. I teach antiracism integrated with self-care. For most of my life, I could barely draw a stick figure. When I a fellow bead artist introduced me to Zentangle, I fell in love. I doodled for years and decided to get certified in 2012. That's when I found out that I had been missing the zen! Now The Zentangle Method is a regular part of my self-care toolbox.

I have taught small and large groups including

  • elementary school classes
  • senior groups of 80+ students at a Roanoke University
  • oncology staff at a Richmond area hospital
  • Head Start staff
  • Virginia Art Educators Association conference
  • Wild Goose Fesitval
  • and more

I LOVE teaching people how to find focus, creativity, and sense of peace and proving them wrong when they claim they can't draw. I teach Zentangle as a stand-alone workshop, include it in self-care courses, and use it in my work as an Equity Coach. Anything that gets people to stop thinking so hard and relax so they can feel their emotions helps move the discussion and learning forward.

Come with an open mind, and you'll leave with an amazing piece of art and a stress management technique you can use for a lifetime. Find my on-demand courses at You can also request a live e-course in the chat box or by email at If you aren't sure you're ready to draw just yet, you can always color a zendala (a mandala created using the Zentangle method) in one of my coloring books on Amazon. Each mandala is paired with a quote on mindfulness to help you achieve that state of calm focus.

I look forward to hearing from you! #FierceLove