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Dilip Patel

Dilip Patel
#24, Pt. J N Road, 3rd Stage, BEML Layout,Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore 560098 KarnatakaI

I am an engineer by qualification, was an entraprenure by profession, learner and learning facilitator by passion and a counselor by heart. I became a CZT in the year 2012 (CZT09) under rather strange circumstances, which I consider as an ORDAINMENT from some higher powers that be, and hence, I teach Zentangle Method with a zeal to help students at all ages to transform their lives for better. I do carry an honour of exposing Zentangle Method in India for the first time. 

Currently I am working on, with my wife K N Malathi, also a CZT of 21st batch, on creating a work book to help users build a more mindful life. Malathi and I also happen to be among the very 'rare' CZT Couples in the Zentangle World! Most of the times our students get the benifit of two CZTs teaching for no extra cost!

Happy Tangling!