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Jan Brandt

Jan Brandt
255 Scotch Pine Circle, Reno, Nevada 89511
United States of America
(775) 250-1859

I am Jan Brandt ... wife, mother, grandmother, friend; lover of nature, authentic people, natural beauty, good books, good wine; spectator and participant in the world of art ~ in particular, Zentangle, knit & crochet, playing piano, dance, music, watercolor, quilting ~ retired from an enjoyable career of teaching computer classes to young and old in a Community College system.  I live with my beloved husband in the peaceful mountains between Reno and Lake Tahoe. In 2012, a visiting friend told me about a new creative activity she had just discovered.  We took beach chairs to nearby Galena Creek and found a sunny flat spot at the water's edge.  She handed me paper & pen ... and the minutes dissolved into hours.  As I "tangled", I felt an astounding sense of calmness and timelessness seep through to my core. Long after we left the creek, the effects of our meditative reverie stayed with us.  In October 2013, having devoured all we could find on the subject, we made the trip together from west coast to east to learn from the masters their discoveries and recommendations for sharing Zentangle and its life-enhancing effects with others.  I now joyfully teach the Zentangle Method in my home in Reno, Nevada.  For information about upcoming classes (I offer more than 20!), please contact me at